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Investment Opportunity:

Christian families are offering our domain and business model to the right Christian (accredited) investor(s) and ownership group that has an anointed vision to assist and heart to serve Faith Driven entrepreneurs, ventures and investors worldwide.

Terms of Engagement:

All offers must be submitted on your legal counsel's official letterhead with their contact information so our legal counsel may reply. Letter must be statement of 'Proof of Funds' signed by both legal counsel and principal of your ownership group.

Your legal counsel 'Proof of Funds' letter must then be notarized which can be done online here (can be accomplished in approximately 15 minutes with live notary customer service agent - watch video).

Please email us your qualifying 'Proof of Funds' letter and notarized offer here and our legal counsel will get back to you within 72hrs excluding weekends and federal holidays.

Qualifying Offer:

Sales price: US$1,300,000

© Original Vision, Business Model & IP:

To serve an underserved Christian entrepreneur and startup market for both pre-seed, seed and established (Series A) Christian companies and brands via an equity crowdfunding platform. We felt then and still feel now that the Christian entrepreneur and startup ecosystem is missing a strategic (co-creator) platform with proper product/market fit that can quickly, seamlessly and legally connect Faith Driven Entrepreneurs & Ventures with Faith Driven Investors worldwide (individuals, families, PE groups & VC's both accredited and non-accredited). It would be, we believe, an anointed and blessed ROI opportunity for all.

We are happy to act as a product/market fit, business model and UX/UI consultant with our company at Christian Web Design and share more of the vision God has planted in us with the new ownership group.

Domain Asset:

ChristianStartups™ 🌱 was selected because of it's strength as a domain asset. Based on comparative keyword analysis our domain represents one of the highest Christian keyword rankings in the Christian startup, entrepreneur and investor ecosystem. Because the keywords are built into the domain the future ownership group will not have to be forced to spend expensive and recurring marketing dollars worldwide to get in front of ultimately several thousand to a few million Christian and Faith Driven entrepreneurs, companies, brands and investors every year.

Revenue Generation:

ChristianStartups™ 🌱 revenue generation model and projections are based off the industry leaders. Here is a breakdown on fees/commission would receive when any company raised a $500,000 round:

* 7.5% placement fee on funds raised through ChristianStartups™ 🌱 ($37,500 on $500,000 raised).

* 5% equity fee (on the same terms as the round) on funds raised through ChristianStartups™ 🌱 ($25,000 on $500,000 raised).

Total fee/commission earned for ChristianStartups™ 🌱 on $500,000 investment: $62,500

Marketplace Fellowship:

A Christian global investment marketplace and equity crowdfunding platform would strategically expedite Christian startup and investment opportunities by bringing together all Faith Driven entrepreneurs, ventures and investors worldwide. Instead of being fragmented, ChristianStartups™ 🌱 consolidates and accelerates the faith driven ecosystem for fellowship, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, faith-driven investment and networking in Christ all for God's glory!

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