Soft-launching the new Christian 'eBay' auction & 'Purchase Now' global marketplace designed to empower 2.4 billion Faith Driven retailers and consumers worldwide in an annual Christian retail market with sales of $10 billion+.

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  • Investors is a socially responsible community designed to empower millions of Faith Driven retailers & consumers worldwide.

We provide global buyers with unique Christian & faith-based content, gifts, products, ads & services in a secure, curated, marketplace.

We add value-building characteristics for all sellers with free listings, free stores, free social media promotions, incentivized transaction fees & anti-fraud controls.

Company Bio

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  • Venture in Development (version 2.0 with graphic design version 3.0)


  • Marketplace/Retail


  • New York City, NY

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Investing Status & Current Funding Round

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Investment Status

  • Regulation A+: Testing the Waters
  • In a nutshell, Regulation A+ allows growing companies to raise up to $50 million from either accredited or non-accredited investors in an offering that is subject to less extensive reporting and disclosure obligations than an IPO. Here are some specifics about who can use Regulation A+ and the requirements an issuer must satisfy in order to do so. Learn more here.


  • US$380,000 (desktop development + iOS & Android mobile development + server infrastructure)


  • Seed

Previous Investors to Date

  • Yes (please click on the ‘Comments’ tab above our video to read their comment and see their profile here)

Securities to be Offered

  • Combination of Preferred & Common Stocks (which may include Supervoting stock pending amount of investment)


Executive Summary

Our comprehensive and detailed powerpoint pitch deck contains more market data, 3yr financials and exit strategy. Interested investors must sign our confidentiality/non-competition contract to view our pitch deck. All information contained herein is the © copyrighted and protected information of

Management Team

      • CEO (see pitch deck)
      • EVP (see pitch deck)
      • SVP (see pitch deck)
      • Senior Admin (see pitch deck)

The collective Christian, business, financial, educational, IT & sports backgrounds of our senior admin lay a strong & unique foundation for success with a myriad of individual & cross-over strengths to draw from. This allows for proper preparation & execution of our short & long-term goals as a company.

Customer Problem

A complete absence of a consolidated, curated, MARKET DRIVEN Christian marketplace with no barriers to entry & incentivized fees for sellers.

Our UI & UX design, technology & admin tools help solve security issues related to login, stores (eBay stores have been hacked often) & transaction disputes between buyers & sellers. We are introducing new shipping ratings & reviews to keep retailers honest, punctual & induce healthy shipping competition.

Products & Services

Our marketplace provides faith driven consumers with unique products which includes but is not limited to: retail items, ads, iCoupons & gift certificates. Products are listed in over 26 categories (w/thousands of sub-categories) such as: art, bibles, books, Christmas accessories, church supplies, clothing, collectibles, digital downloads, Easter accessories, education, entertainment, health & beauty, home & patio, jewelry, movies, music, sermons, etc.

Market Size

2.4 billion Christians worldwide.

Target Market

Demographics: We are targeting all Christians worldwide but in particular 41 million US Christians who are understood as ‘Faith Driven Consumers’ who collectively spend $2 trillion dollars annually & represent the most powerful consumer subset in the world (see pitch deck for more info).

Psychographic Characteristics: FDC are looking for retailers who are compatible with their Christian values & share their world views.

Industry/Market Spending

An excerpt from the

The reason for corporate America’s new-found interest in religion is simple: the market is booming. Packaged Facts, a market-research company, estimates that the “religious products” market was worth $6.8 billion in 2003 and will grow to $8.6 billion in 2008. Christian radio has seen its market share expand from 2.2% in 1999 to 5.5% today. The Association of American Publishers reports that the market for religious books grew by 37% in 2003. The definition of religious books is vague—but religious publishing is undoubtedly growing much faster than the industry as a whole.

Business Model

A Christian auction & ‘Purchase Now’ marketplace designed to be MARKET DRIVEN while consolidating the global US$10 billion+ Christian retail market for retailers & consumers, modeled after eBay.

We offer sellers incentivized fees*, new anti-fraud & security controls, & marketing ALL seller products in real-time on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc as they are listed (*free listings, free stores & free processing fees for US transactions).

Customer Segments

Christian retailers & consumers worldwide. Research shows that 81% of Faith Driven Consumers (33,210,000) in the US are willing to spend fully half of their budget ($810 billion) with faith-compatible retailers. Drilling deeper, the data show that 65% of FDC (26,650,000) are willing to spend at least 75% of their budget ($982.5 billion) with biblically friendly brands, while an impressive 24% (9,840,000) would be willing to spend their entire budget ($480 billion) with retailers who share their Christian values & worldview.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Customer acquisition will be obtained thru our marketing strategy which will target our end-users* via Outbrain, Google & Facebook Feed ads (*targeting faith driven retailers & consumers worldwide).

Retention & customer loyalty will be developed by:

      • Offering free listings & stores to all sellers
      • Promoting all items, as they are listed, in real-time, throughout 5 social media sites
      • Executing a strategic ‘resonant messaging strategy’ via HD Video


There are no competitors to describe and/or compare with as we are blessed with First Mover advantage in a Christian retail market valued at over US$10 billion annually.

Competitive Advantage

First Mover Advantage.

For Sellers:

      • NO MONTHLY LISTING OR STORE FEES (saves thousands annually over eBay store & listing fees)
      • FREE PAYMENT PROCESSING ON ALL US TRANSACTIONS (saves thousands annually over eBay PayPal transaction & shipping fees)
      • All products promoted throughout social media in real-time as they are listed

For Buyers:

      • Can buy items with Apple Pay on mobile devices
      • For transaction disputes: Google Hangouts Judicial System
      • For admin & community: Password security: register/login via smartphones eliminating passwords & tokens.


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