Cebu Christian International University

Focused on God. Education. Victory. Equipping today’s Christian students into tomorrow's global, business and political leaders for God.

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Cebu Christian International University is a proposed private Christian university based in Cebu City in the Philippines dedicated to God, education & victory.

The future of international Christian university education in the Philippines is here. We share with Christian students and investors from around the world our Isaiah 43:19 vision of victory for equipping today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders for God.

© Cebu Christian International University 2016. God. Education. Victory. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Cebu City, Cebu

Current Legal Structure

  • Incorporating shortly as an LLC

Investing Status & Current Funding Round

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Investment Status

  • Regulation A+: Testing the Waters
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  • US$3,500,000


  • Seed

Previous Investors to Date

  • No

Securities to be Offered

  • TBD



Executive Summary

Our pitch deck contains more market data, 3yr financials and cultural info about the Philippines. Interested investors must sign our confidentiality contract to view our pitch deck. All information contained herein is the © copyrighted and protected information of Cebu Christian International University.

Management Team

      • CEO (See Pitch Deck)
      • Chancellor & President (TBA)
      • Vice Chancellor (TBA)
      • Office of the Provost (TBA)
      • Senior Pastor (TBA)
      • Associate Pastor (See Pitch Deck)
      • General Counsel (TBA)

The collective Christian, educational, ministry, business, financial, international, IT & sports backgrounds of our senior university admin lay a strong & unique foundation for success with a myriad of individual & cross-over strengths to draw from. This allows for proper preparation & execution of our short & long-term goals as a Christian international university.

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